Sloppy Seconds! – In Quicktime HD!

I had just been creamed by DWise, his cum still fresh on my lips and streaking down my cheeks. Poor Hubby had been watching us have our fun at close range all afternoon and evening He was doing the filming. But when DWise finally took the camera, I invited my man down for some "Sloppy Seconds!" He dove right in, slobbering all over my pussy — all juiced up and ripe from the day’s action. I was slippery and ready. I sucked his dick and he stuck it in my twat to mix his bodily fluids up with the others. I love having all that stuff in me! We sucked and fucked until he asked if I wanted to eat his cum. Well, Duh! So he emptied his boiling load into my mouth and I sucked him dry what a great way to end the day! Juicy Smooches,

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