Maxx Very Short Hair… Neat Video. Unique look..Pee scene in tub!.

Maxx This 28 year old has a unique look about her with very short cropped dark hair. She came to us to model as a pregnant model, but her belly size at the time did not qualify her to be part of the site So here she is. Introduces herself. Takes off her black top to reveal a pinkish bra of minimal proportions. Tattered blue jeans as cutoffs. Takes her bra straps down to reveal her boobs. Pulls the bra forward & leans to show off her breasts & nips. Pushes both boobs together. Bermuda Triangle pose. Nipple stretch & colliding boobs. Jumping boob bounce. Same in slow motion. Jumping Jacks in slow motion. Forward lean side to side boob wiggle. Same in slow motion.On her hands & knees we walk around her body a bit & see a nice butt view. Boob wiggle by having her bra strap under her right boob. Takes her bra off. WIggles her torso. Stretches the bra over her head. Then puts it behind her neck for a different stretch. SLow motion toss of the bra. We switch to a satin smooth grey bra which is much tighter & better fit. Bouncing in the bra. Pulls the left bra cup forward to show off a nipple. Then the right side. Both cups pulled forward with a forward lean for abetter view. Flips the bra inside out. Undoes the strap in the back. Tosses the bra & we go to a more colorful pink purple & black patterned bra. She puts it on. It has almost a snake skin kind of pattern. Pulls the bra up over her boobs which fall out of the bottom. Taps her right boob firmly with her right hand. PLays with the boobs a bit. Undoes the 3rd bra & tosses it towards the camera. A side boob view. Undoes her pants & lets them fall to the floor. Now just in panties that do not fully cover her landing strip or what portion of her pussy hair that shows. Laying on her back hands stretched above her head. A body scan from head to toe. Wiggles her feet. A small camel toe going on in the pussy area. lays on her side. Boob view with her face in the background. We walk around her body a bit more. Reclinign pose with one knee forward. On hands & knees with her butt well into the air. We walk around to her pussy area. Looking at her hanging boobs between her legs. Sitting up, then laying on her back. We attach our smallest vacuum device to her right nipple & suck the air out. Some nipple pulling & boob bouncing. Always so much fun on the smaller boobs with a little stretch. Nipple closeup of a pull & release. Another pump sequence. BOunces the boob.Same in slow motion. Pulls up & releases the nipple. Panties off while on her back, legs apart slightly. A scan with Maxx on her back starting close to her pussy & going to her face. Back to the pussy with a side view showing her pussy with a nice stubble of hair growth. Kegs up to her chest with the pussy seen from a low angle, followed by an overhead pan. Legs into a "V" . On hands & knees with her butt towards us. Another boob view from between the legs with the pussy as an added attraction. Pokes her right boob with her hand. Butt & pussy view from above.STanding butt view. Leans forward for a hanging boob & pussy view. Waves. Standing view facing us. We zoom into t he pussy area as she does a slow squat to the ground. Her inner pussy lips now poking out a little. Spreads her legs & we see that the inner pussy lips are moderate in size with a nice pink coloring. Pulls on her outer lips & we see that the inner lips have a m sot unique shape with them hanging down somewhat. Lets go. Wiggles the inner lips left & right with a finger. More wiggling of her inner pussy lips. A really close view of that. Another wide pussy spread which shows a beautiful wetness inside. Holds that for some time. Stretches & releases her inner lips for a more delicate view of her pussy insides. She takes a bit of a pee break & we get to look on. STanding pee in our tub. Very wet & our towel under her butt came in handy! Gets into a funky black laced bodysuit with a red neck strap. Tries her hand at the hula-hoop. But I think I have seen 4 year olds do it more elegantly. This is the ned. SHe says "Hope you enjoyed it!" FULL LENGTH HD 1280×720 movie version. Runs almost 35:33 minutes & is 967 MB in size.Royalty Free Music from Movie Mania Collection Volume 24. A very diverse collection that we thought was a sweet choice for such very unique look that this model brought to us..

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