Lela Beryl Mouth Hug – SMALL WMV

SMALL WMV VERSION Lela Beryl and I are stuck inside because of the bad winter weather. I tell Lela that I heard a funny word called a mouth hug and she laughs wondering what it means. I tell her she needs to figure it out and she makes o shapes with her lips and realizes a mouth hug is a blowjob. Since we are so bored, I suggest that Lela gives me a a mouth hug and she doesn’t resist. Miss Beryl takes my cock out and starts to lick and tease it. I push her head down and her face is forced into my crotch as she gags and drools all over my shaft. Lela gives an amazing blowjob on her knees but I really want to fuck her face so she lays out on the couch to allow for my dick to go all the way down her throat. She makes it seems sensual and primal. More gagging and licking and it’s time for the mouth hug to end with a huge messy facial. Lela strokes my big dick until I jizz a big load all over her mouth, eyes, and hair. What a way to pass a boring day!

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