Amber Leah HD Video HUGE Areolas…

Amber Leah comes to us wearing what is obviously a wig, having previously done a scene for another company that required her to shave her head. You can also see her at where she agreed to play with one of our lactating models, which was quite the messy milky scene. Introduces herself in a black dress, takes her shoes off, pulls her dress top down & already we see some huge areolas poking out of her yellow bra. Takes the bra off & squeezes her boobs together making her areolas touch. Holds them together for a while. She has some n ice tanginess going. Some boob juggling. The same in slow motion. Jumping up & down as we try to get her boobs to swing in circles. Nice side view. Running in place. We zoom in on her left nipple where the areola is bigger than the right side. Slow motion running in place. Our jump & wiggle combo. The same in slow motion. Leans forward & we side a classic side to side boob wiggle. When leaning forward everything we see is almost all areola. SIde lean with some nice wiggling. The same in slow motion. She may not be a super saggy model, but with those areolas her boobs sure catch your attention. Does our Bermuda Triangle pose. Continuing with the Bermuda Triangle pose & switching to our Double Bermuda Triangle pose. Standing side to side boob wiggle or swing. The same in slow motion. Our boob choke pose, followed by a nice up & down wiggle. Then the same for the left side. When she squeezes her boob, her nipple sure becomes our focus. Another slow motion wiggle up & down. We measure her areolas & find that the left side is almost an inch bigger in diameter than the right side. Some nipple flicking. Colliding boobs. She really gets into his. The same in slow motion. Lifting & dropping her boobs alternating from side to side. The same in slow motion. Leaning forward with a side view for a hanging boob view. Tight boob squeeze. Wiggling while doing the tight squeeze. Small boob wiggles while sitting down. The left side hanging lower than the right. Laying on her back. Puts her tongue to her nipples. Puts one nipple into her mouth. Still on her back she pulls both nipples up & tight together, then lets them loose. The same in slow motion. Nipple pull as seen format eh side. PLays with our medium vacuum cup & pulls the whole areola into the cup & pulls hard straight up until it finally drops loose. She is giggling. Slow motion boob bouncing with the vacuum cup attached. We put the whole boob cup on her right side & pump it up. We switch to her left side & watch as the breast fills the cup. Switching to our smallest vacuum cup, then to our manual breast pump where we wiggle the boob about. Amber Leah laying on her sigh with her left boob leaning over onto her side. Wiggles the left breast by flicking her fingers about. The same in slow motion. Strips down to her black panties, then takes those off also. Butt view & pussy view while leaning forward as seen from the back. Puts on a hot pink fishnet outfit It restrains her boobs somewhat, but it’s hard to had nipples that big. Bounces about. We scan her body a bit. Jumping Jacks in this outfit. Laughing very hard! Slow motion JUmping Jacks. Leans forward & pulls the fishnet outfit dow, then wiggles her boobs form side to side as we zoom in. The same in slow motion. With red gloves in place she lifts & drops her boobs. The same in slow motion. Strips 100% naked. Squats to the ground as we examine her pussy during the squat. Sits on the ground with her legs spread. LAying on her back brings her legs up to her chest & we take a closer look at the pussy. Wiggles her thighs, then brings the legs tight together. On her hands & knees she twicthes her butt cheeks. Pussy closeup & spread from behind. Nice pussy closeup. Sitting pose & she has found our stash of glass dildos & picks out a nice one. Starts to play with it. Uses some of our Wet brand name lube. LUbes up. Lays back & starts to put it into her pussy. We hear an "Ahhh" or two. Must be feeling good! A bit of model chatter. Obviously hitting a sweet spot inside. Another four plus minutes of dildo play for this portion with views from various vantage points. We have one slow motion sequence where pulls the dildo out to see the pussy reaction as it slides out Two plus minutes more of dildo play. Rubbing the dildo vigorously up & down the crack on the outside. Finding the lit I am sure. The dildo between her boobs. Squeezing the boobs to wrap the dildo between them, then sliding the dildo back & forth. Titty-fucking of a different sort. Amber Leah gets into A purple with pink patterned dress, lifts the bottom up & shows off the pussy again, then with her butt towards us leans forward. Then a front pussy view again. Pulls the top of the dress down while standing up. With her butt towards us leans forward to do a boob wiggle as seen from between her legs. The same in slow motion. Low angle side to side boob wiggle. The same in slow motion. On her hands & knees with a side body view. We do a walk-around & see her pussy exposed again, go between her legs for a four on the floor side to side boobie wiggle. Signs off, throws us a kiss & walks off the set. FULL LENGTH HD 1280×720 of the entire session. This runs 36:02 minutes 958MB.

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